SWIMWAY is devoted to global efforts on protecting migratory fish species. In the European Wadden Sea, a specific group of scientists, administrators and NGO focuses on diadromous and some other fish species which use the tidal flats and estuaries as integral part of their life cycle: WG-SWIMWAY. Kellermann-Consultants was tasked with coordination of the group 2019-2022.


The European Wadden Sea is a world heritage area under a special protection regime. The Trilateral Cooperation between the countries bordering the Wadden Sea has established a monitoring and assessment programme, the TMAP. Currently, a task group is established in order to implement the Wadden Sea Plan and implement the TMAP strategy as part of the plan. In particular, the Task Group Monitoring and Assessment is charged with further developing a harmonized programme of observations and data exchange and handling. Kellermann-Consultants was tasked to coordinate and chair the work of the TG-MA 2019-2022.